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Service Provided


LHMS provides modifications which are specific to your individualised requirements as specified by an Occupational Therapist. Examples of modification work completed are:


  • Supply and installation of grabrails;

  • Supply and installation of handrails;

  • Supply and installation of handheld showers;

  • Installation of lever taps;

  • Installation of lever door handles;

  • Widening of doorways for wheel chair access;

  • Access modifications such as ramps and step modifications;

  • Bathroom and toilet modifications e.g. anti-slip treatments and removal of shower doors

  • Kitchen Modifications; and

  • Other work as specified by an Occupational Therapist which meets your functional requirements and is within the Guidelines.




LHMS provides minor maintenance work to your home which focusses on safety, access and independence. A limited range of maintenance work can be completed. Examples of maintenance work are:


  • Carpentry maintenance e.g. windows, doors, floors etc;

  • Minor plumbing/drainage e.g. washers, cisterns, minor leaks and blockages;

  • Minor electrical e.g. replacing fuses, switches, bulbs and stove elements;

  • Pressure cleaning paths and driveways


NB Some tasks are subject to restrictions and conditions may apply to rental and Department of Housing properties. LHMS must receive permission from landlords and the Department of Housing before work can be completed.



  • Furniture adjustments such as adjusting the height of tables, chairs and beds;

  • Safety adjustments e.g. to temperature on hot water systems or making cords, rugs etc safe.


Occupational Therapy Assessments


An Occupational Therapist (OT) will do a comprehensive assessment before Home Modifications are provided.


Advice and Referral


Please contact the friendly team to discuss your referral or for advice.

Relevant Legislation 


LHMS must abide by relevant Acts and Legislation as specified by government agencies. These include but are not limited to:


  • Disability Inclusion Act 2014

  • Aged Care Act 1997

  • The Building Code of Australia and relevant standards

  • Local government planning laws and ordinances

  • All industrial relation laws including the Fair Work Act and relevant Awards

  • Work Health and Safety Laws

  • Privacy and Confidentiality Laws

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