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Client Rights and Responsibilities

Client Rights


Every Client has the right to receive a service that encourages and fosters their independence.


Every Client (with the Client’s permission) and/or their carer has access to all information about themselves held by the Service.


In cases where a Client has a legal guardian or advocate appointed to act on their behalf, the rights of the guardian or advocate are to be acknowledged and respected to the extent stipulated in the guardianship or advocacy arrangements.

Clients (with the Client’s permission) and/or their carers will be involved in decisions about their assessment and care plan. They will be made aware of all the options available and any fees to be charged.

Clients will be made aware of the standard of service which they can expect. Services will be provided in a safe manner which respects the dignity and independence of Clients, is responsive to the social, cultural and physical needs of Clients and the needs of their carers.


Clients’ access to services will be decided only on the basis of need and the capacity of the Service to meet that need.


Clients have the right to refuse a service and refusal will not prejudice their future access to services.


Clients have a right to complain about the service they are receiving without fear of retribution.

Complaints by Clients will be dealt with fairly, promptly and without retribution. The Client may involve an advocate of their choice to represent his/her interests.


Clients’ views will be taken into account in the planning and evaluation of the Service.


Clients can nominate an Advocate to speak on their behalf. This may be a family member, friend or advocacy service.Clients’ rights to privacy and confidentiality will be respected.

Client Responsibilities


A Client should provide reasonable notice if a service is no longer required.


Clients should act in a way which respects the rights of other Clients and Staff Members.


Clients need to take responsibility for the results of any decisions they make including the choice not to make a decision.


Clients should respect the confidentiality of information about other Clients and Team Members which they may obtain whilst using services.


Clients should inform the Service of any significant change in their circumstances, e.g. health status, mobility decline.


We ask that areas concerning culture, politics, religion, etc. be treated with due discretion by all concerned and that clients refrain from swearing.


If a Client continually refuses to abide by their responsibilities, their work may be cancelled.

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