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Management Committee

Volunteering on the Managment Committee

LHMS is managed by a voluntary Management Committee which meets monthly. If you are interested in participating on the Management Committee, please contact Rodney Burley, Builder/Manager on (02) 6622 2323.

About The Management Committee

LHMS’s Management Committee will manage its services effectively and efficiently to ensure a service that has client need and continuous improvement at the centre of all its activities. The Management Committee works collaboratively with the Builder/Manager according to the Aims, Objectives, Philosophy and Mission of the Organisation. 

The Management Committee will govern lawfully with an emphasis on:

  • outward vision rather than an internal preoccupation;

  • encouragement of diversity in viewpoints and collective decision making;

  • strategic leadership;

  • clear distinction of Management Committee and Builder/Manager’s roles;

  • proactivity rather than reactivity.

The Management Committee has the following responsibilities:

  • to work cooperatively with the Builder Manager to ensure the Service is operating efficiently and meeting all constitutional, contractual and legal obligations with appropriate risk management strategies in place;

  • complies with all legislation in relation to staff member;

  • to ensure quality services to clients;

  • to have a fair and transparent recruitment process and to provide support and development opportunities for staff members;

  • to financially manage the organisation to ensure ongoing viability,  sustainability and growth; and

  • to recognise the Traditional Owners of the land in which LHMS operates.

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